hp: ron & hermione

Tutorial List

So, I've been sorting through the icon tutorials in my memories and clearing out any that I no longer like, or no longer have working pictures, etc. This is mostly for my own reference but if you wish to mem it/etc, feel free. Now that that's done I figured I'd make a nice shiny table so I can find the tut I want far more easily.
Please note that I did NOT make any of the icons in this list. My tutorials are accessible via the 'resources: tutorials' tag.
All examples have been uploaded to my own photobucket.
The tutorials are sorted into the following categories: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (lots of blues or yellows in the caps, very dark caps), Veronica Mars (yellow caps particularly), Harry Potter (very blue, very dark), Stock Icons & Miscellaneous TV/Movie/Etc.

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